We are a family who made a choice to go tiny. We met in a school bus years ago so it's only fitting that this is our path. It's not a Highschool Sweetheart situation or anything. I am a lighting guy by profession and I spent a whole day making sure that the light was hitting in the eyes of one of the prettiest people that I had ever seen. There's more to it but we'll share along the way. This is a fun adventure that we are sharing with a lot of friends that we've met along the way. We hope to meet many more people in the tiny house world.

After so many conversations with people online and on the phone about what we've done and how we've done it, we've developed this place to consolidate all of our experience into this one place.

Unfortunately, we lost the two fur babies that we started on this journey with. Our sweet Muñeca and Meeko passed away before seeing our bus completed but their memories will live on forever in our hearts and in our bus. At the front of Bussedamove under the dash, you'll find both of their little handprints stamped on the floor in bright green paint. We did Muñeca's prints when we knew she was on the way out. While we were there, we did Meeko's also, which turned out to be amazing forsight because we lost him suddenly from heart failure a short 2 months after his big sister. They'll always be with us.

We have an amazing new ball of fire wrapped up in 4.5 pounds of the most handsome dog derpiness you'll ever see. Chancho is one of the best parts of our lives and we are excited to be able to share him with the world.


Our bus is Bussedamove. It's originally a Thomasbuilt Saf-T-Liner. We've raised the roof, built a custom basement, done a full LED lighting swap and are currently building out the interior. We have fought tooth and nail to rebuild everything along the way with VOC and Toxin free materials. It's not the choice for a lot of people but it has to be this way for us because of certain health issues that we face.

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